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We sharpen a variety of tools of the trade, repair knives & sell chain saw chains


Knive Sharpening

Hunting knives, Kitchen knives, Pocket knives

Knife blade under 20cm – $8.80

Knife blades over 20cm – $11

Tungsten Carbide Circular Saw Blade

Circular saw blade, Tungsten saw blade

Tungsten circular saw blade – per tooth $0.44


Hairdressing Scissors Sharpening

Hairdressing equipment sharpening

Scissors – From $45

Clipper Sharpening

Clipper blade sharpening

Small Clipper Blades  – $13.50
Large Clipper Blades – $15.50

Scissor Sharpening

Craft scissors, Kitchen scissors, Sewing scissors, Embroidery scissors, Upholstery scissors & Groomer equipment sharpening

From $15

Carpentry Tools Sharpening

Chisels, Hand/Electric Planer Blades & Wood-turning Chisels 

Chisels – $10

Hand/electric planer blades – From $10

Wood turning chisels – From $15

Chain Saw Chain Sharpening

Standard chain & Tungsten Carbide chains

Standard Chain – up to 28″ $12

Tungsten Carbide Chain – 20″ From $30

Gardening Tool sharpening

We sharpen all types of garden tools.

Axe – $15

Tomahawk – $10

Secateurs – $10

Hedge Clippers – $10

Loppers – $10

Hedge Trimmers – Electric or Petrol $35

Full dismantle of blades, clean and sharpen – $45

Garden Mulcher Cutting Blades (Set) – From $25



Broken tips etc. Please contact us with images of the damage for a price

From $10

Chain Saw Chains & BARS

 Standard Chains & Tungsten Carbide Chains

Standard chainsaw chains & bars in all sizes available – Price Varies

Tungsten Carbide Chainsaw chains full Chisel. All sizes available – Price Varies



Mechanical repairs

Small engine repairs and services are available.

24 years experience

Price Varies 


All prices are effective as of July 2022.

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